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portrait of a girl by MalvaLunaLynx portrait of a girl :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 2 0 Drawing practice: Rurouni Kenshin action by MalvaLunaLynx Drawing practice: Rurouni Kenshin action :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 1 0 Kenshin vs. Sojiro by MalvaLunaLynx Kenshin vs. Sojiro :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 2 6 fighting I by MalvaLunaLynx fighting I :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 5 7 Howl flying by MalvaLunaLynx Howl flying :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 4 2 Random special braid and Curls by MalvaLunaLynx Random special braid and Curls :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 1 1 Spontaneous Ink by MalvaLunaLynx Spontaneous Ink :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 2 4 Silliness in an Assignment by MalvaLunaLynx Silliness in an Assignment :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 0 0 Friend from Georgia by MalvaLunaLynx Friend from Georgia :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 2 2 Salamuri Player by MalvaLunaLynx Salamuri Player :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 2 2 Flower Card - Close up by MalvaLunaLynx Flower Card - Close up :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 6 0 Profile Portrait by MalvaLunaLynx Profile Portrait :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 1 16 Light And Darkness by MalvaLunaLynx Light And Darkness :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 7 14 Captive by MalvaLunaLynx Captive :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 0 4 Sai and Sakura by MalvaLunaLynx Sai and Sakura :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 3 6 Wolf Process by MalvaLunaLynx Wolf Process :iconmalvalunalynx:MalvaLunaLynx 2 10


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Hey there, from ProjectComment. This is a fascinating part of art that surely took quite a while to create. I don't know the history be...

by Zeikram

Somehow missed you uploading this beautiful piece, oops. Vision: A view from looking down slightly. A reasonable choice. I find myself ...

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This is an awesome piece of art to dwell and get lost in. And that's exactly what the painting tells me. The story of hours in School, ...

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Not being familiar with the series, I might not catch all references, but I'll try anyway. Critiquing anyway, to best of my abilities. ...


MalvaLunaLynx's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
You will see a wide variety of things here. The search for challenge brought me back into doing art and I wish to be an inspiration to people. If you need input, I usually write down my challenges in the descriptions.
Besides visual/handcraft arts, I also write stories, translate them, and write songs and lyrics.

I speak English, German and Swiss

Some random things about me:
- I love walking barefoot and do so until -5°C
- I prefer nonrestricting clothing, like loose pants
- My hair is currently about 106-111 cm long (ca. 3.6 ft)
- I play violin, piano, kantele and I sing
- Minä rakastan mutta puhun vain vähän suomea


portrait of a girl
So I just returned from Singweekend and this is what I did yesterday evening. I did part of the outlining from memory before sitting next to my friend here and readjusting and working things out. the last thing I did was giving it a black background which made a huge difference.
It was a 
Drawing practice: Rurouni Kenshin action
Yep, another one. and probably not the last of this kind. I had a lot of fun.
This time I combined my pens with my colour pencils and I think it does look pretty well. Anyway, I had fun.

And now that I watched all three live action movies of Rurouni Kenshin, I have to say definitely. I am a fan of it. I enjoyed the whole thing quite a lot. So enjoy my output, I hope;)

I dedicate this to Chuckle-Huck, who is a great friend to me. I will look into the series, actually already am, hehe. I do like the story line and such a lot, so I think I'll probably still watch some part;)
Kenshin vs. Sojiro
After getting to watch the first live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin, I couldn't help but want to draw some pics of Kenshin and co. and not just use them for reference.
Seriously, I don't know the anime and I don't think I like their drawing style quite as much, but the action movie was absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Very enjoyable, a great adaption.
So here I present you my first drawing of those two.

I've really grown to love drawing hakama's. It's great practice for clothing folds. And also those three colours, it was really fun doing it with just three pens (and pencil for sketching, I admit).
I focused on cross hatching, shading in general and on portraying dynamics. Again, I tried to make the hair livelier than from reference, hehe.

I dedicate this to all Rurouni Kenshin fans, as I don't know anyone in specific who loves it on top of my mind.

I always admired the action scenes of that movie, but up till recently never tracked the movie down, hehe. I guess I'm weird. 
fighting I
Well, with the help of some screenshot's of Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action) I finally get some action scene practice, this is one of them. I changed the characters to Sasuke and Itachi though. Also tried to make the hair look more dynamic than in my usual pics and I had fun practicing shading of clothings. Yeah. I remodeled some of the clothings however I felt like them. Like the sandales are a mix between Naruto and Kenshin now... Hehe.

So yeah, It was fun. Done with Edding pens. it was done rather quickly...

I enjoyed the slowing down function of youtube to get references so I saw and could time somewhat references, almost all are blurry so I still have a lot I can make up:)

I dedicate this once again to Eric-3, who recently even asked for fight scenes. I hope you like it:) No need to fave;)(unless you really want) I just like to dedicate my drawings. 
Howl flying
First of all a big thank you to Jovana who introduced me to Studio Ghibli's movies... This drawing is definitely dedicated to her, also known as jhasthedeathnote...Ever since I watched Howl's Moving Castle I had this in mind, I've had it sketched out for months, but just didn't continue for some reasons. Now I finally came back to it and it was great working on it. I learned so much about pencil colouring already, and this further refined my skill. I especially focused on the more intense colours.

I did want Howl to be not just gray-black like in the movie, but actually have feathers like a magpie. I think I didn't fully manage with the making the feather coat really black, but it doesn't bother me much. Basically what I had in mind is, black feathers that reflect green or blue depending on the light... like those of a magpie (a common bird in switzerland, known to steal pretty things, by the way(not that I ever saw one steal anything))
I really wanted to make my own Howl-bird and this is how I imagined him, well, black-er but still:D

i started out on the birdwings but at some point decided to do the background first, so I did that. Then I coloured the bird with all colours, and at the end added all the black pencil to make it darker and detailed... if anyone was curious to the process. I might upload a pic to the stand before I started adding black to the wings (I kinda had started on the tail already) to see how I did it and how different it looks;)

Have a nice weekend!

I've entered the world of FanFiction quite a while ago, and honestly it has become quite addicting. Now, admitting to reading FanFiction still occasionally feels a bit weird. There are lot's of biased opinions about it after all. And I admit, it is a let's say "interesting" activity...

However, I recently decided to even start to write FanFiction. which is why I am writing this journal now, as to why and to maybe even open up a discussion with some of you:)
Now, what do I find so fun about FanFiction? Well, some of it:D

  • First of all, it's easy accessible, I'll admit to that even, I'm a lazy person, with lots of things.(weirdly enough, cause with artwork itself I definitely ain't.)

  • Second and even more importantly, the author's are approachable, they are usually open or even crave to discuss their work, concepts, characters... I find that very interesting, thought provoking and lot's of fun.

  • Exploring possibilities, concepts and combinations that weren't explored in the original story.

  • For the author's itself, they don't have to set up the whole universe, it's like playing in someones backyard. It saves time and nerve, and let's you do your own thing still. No pre-work and such in making up characters, backgrounds, universes. You can change exactly as much as you want though, and let it develop somewhere, which is really cool. Any detail about characters and their traits, universe, time… abilities… the changes impacts and interpretations are endless.

  • Read how other people interpret a character or concept, or anything else about the stories.

  • I can read more about my favourite characters, hehe

  • And I can look up specific concepts I want to read about more, which I find less in real books, for some reason.

  • I find it very interesting how people twist and readjust concepts of stories too.

  • I love seeing the different takes and see the consequences of different event's and storylines on the same characters. It also gives a possibility to give happy or not so happy endings… differing from the Original. To write your own, if you disagree with the endings…

  • There are lot's of FanFic authors who are very interested in exploring psychological aspects and write complex story lines. And they focus their writing on that...

  • For writer and reader, with all the pre-knowledge about the characters and background it can be very fun, to read, even knowing about some things in advance, it's a guessing and waiting to see how an author might have put things together and what is the same and what might be different...

(There is a lot of trash Fanfic's out there too though, and I know that. Also, one doesn't have the luxury to always have an ending. Lot's of Fanfics are unfinished, out there, or otherwise poorly written. Though there are lots that are finished and good too, it's no guaranty)

About writing it though. I hardly considered writing Fanfics by myself before. Originally, my motivation to start writing stories was, to write a story with a character as main character, which I usually only saw as side character. That was back when I was twelve. Well, things changed a b it in the meanwhile, but generally one thing stayed, I don't necessarily want to write what already exists. I want to explore… add my own twist to things… Not so unusual I guess:D

For a long time, I didn't have any own concepts coming to my mind, that convinced me, so I really just left it alone, focused on my original projects instead. But recently, twisting around thoughts and other concepts in my mind, I finally found not only one, but two thoughts which convinced me. So yeah. I decided to write my own FanFiction Projects. I know it's not for everyone, but yeah.

I hope to do some illustrations to those, to upload here with the chapters. But that might take quite a while. I don't know… I'll upload the stories to mainly though. Here teaser summaries and some background info to those two projects.

Avatar; the last Airbender: Becoming Zuko – A Prince's Demise

This project was called into life rather spontaneously, after I already started thinking of the other one, and it will probably stay rather spontaneously. I just started to write, without planning ahead much. So don't expect a well thought out, detailed plot. (knowing me, it will develop into something more complex anyway though:D) But it's been fun, the first chapter is out (uncorrected) the second is being beta-ed currently.

Book Earth: After escaping Azula with Iroh's help. The team seeks out a town to recuperate.Captured and publicly displayed in the same town, Zuko hadn't thought it could get much worse. But then Toph starts up conversations, not realizing his identity as the missing Fire Prince.

Naruto: Of Saving Ones Brother(tentative title, suggestions or thoughts welcome (Some other names would be: The meaning of saving, to save brothers, The meaning of saving thy brother...))

This one is still in planning, but as I want to make it a well thought out story, it will take some time in advance. I feel I'm sure enough now to introduce it though. I'm surprised no one thought of something like this yet, but it will definitely be interesting to write. Also I thank Eljuup a lot, who made me really excited to actually carry this project through.
It will probably take a while, but I'm one to stick with things;)

When Danzo assigns Sai a mission, separate from Team 7, to meet Itachi and determine if he is a threat after Sasuke's defection, and to find out if he'd help eliminate Orochimaru, Sai get's suspicious.
But when Sai recognizes Itachi's signs of illness, it makes him curious and interested…

So yeah, whoever read up till down here, congratulations and thanks. It was interesting to collect those thoughts and share them with you. I'd love to hear all your thoughts:)


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