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Hey there, from ProjectComment. This is a fascinating part of art that surely took quite a while to create. I don't know the history be...

by Zeikram

Somehow missed you uploading this beautiful piece, oops. Vision: A view from looking down slightly. A reasonable choice. I find myself ...

by Zeikram

This is an awesome piece of art to dwell and get lost in. And that's exactly what the painting tells me. The story of hours in School, ...

by Zeikram

Not being familiar with the series, I might not catch all references, but I'll try anyway. Critiquing anyway, to best of my abilities. ...


MalvaLunaLynx's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
You will see a wide variety of things here. The search for challenge brought me back into doing art and I wish to be an inspiration to people. If you need input, I usually write down my challenges in the descriptions.
Besides visual/handcraft arts, I also write stories, translate them, and write songs and lyrics.

I speak English, German and Swiss

Some random things about me:
- I love walking barefoot and do so until -5°C
- I prefer nonrestricting clothing, like loose pants
- My hair is currently about 106-111 cm long (ca. 3.6 ft)
- I play violin, piano, kantele and I sing
- Minä rakastan mutta puhun vain vähän suomea


So this was a little goodbye present for a friend of mine. She requested a three coloured cat for me to draw, so here it is. I sketched it after a reference, but all the rest was done without a reference.

And I need to work on putting my drawings into the middle properly.
Hairstyle with Curly hair
These are two variations of what I did with this girl's wonderful curly hair. Seriously. I so fell in love with braiding her hair. it's amazing. Curly hair is amazing!!!

Anyway. The top braid is a knotted hairband. The two sides are at the first example french, the second upsidedown braided. The back in the first is two braids, one a six string braid, which is also present in the second example, but the extra one is a fishtail... Ugh, I suppose that was confusing. Anyway.

I had to smear the face and all as the person wishes to stay anonymus... I thank her for letting me play with her hair anyway.
This was actually done a while ago. I just never got around to actually upload it. Oops oh well. Anyway. here it is, some are drawn from pics, some from present flowers:D

It was a birthdaypresent and I forgot to sign them, I know... another oops I guess.
Uchiha Itachi - imagined
Now this was an interesting project. First of all, a large part was drawn in train, second, without reference! Yey!! It was fun and great for routine drawing.

So yeah, I thought about what Itachi would look like short before his death, I'd assume as he was only living on meds anymore, his body and weight would show the strain of his illness. So I tried to show that a bit here. And I felt like messing with the design of the akatsuki cloak, though that was really just for fun and done last. it looks kinda cool though I'd never really imagine the cloak to look quite like that:D

Now, I know the eyes aren't slanted the same. they are a little off to one another, but honestly, it could bother me more:D I don't mind much at all, I got so much else out of this sketch that I'm quite happy about it. And it feels tons better than my first sketch of Itachi, which I (looking back) am not happy about at all. one of the few pics I really am not satisfied. But this version is much more satisfying:) Even though it is less than perfect.

This is dedicated to all Itachi fans, I hope you like it. 
Fight Stalemate
So yeah, another finished sketch. I'm quite happy about this one. As I kinda did some redesigning on the Akatsuki cloak which in my opinion turned out really well. Also the simple black and white was quite fun to do. And I'm happy seeing how I get better about those full body action scenes.
I was fascinated by the scenes stalemate kinda way. And took it as excercize to draw. I first sketched it out roughly with pencil then started relining it with dipping ink. Then I moved to the patterns and all that.

I hope you like how this turned out as well:)


For years I've watched gamers game. Never really trying myself. As I often handle things, before judging anything, really spend some times with it, I did watch gamers. I would ask questions and started seeing this awesome variety of games. I loved the variety of music very much. I think that was, besides not wanting to prejudge, the thing that introduced me to the world of gaming.

Assassins Creed 3 was awesome music to do storywriting with. Other OST's followed soon. I've started talking to people about games, to watch people gaming, given the chance. And I discovered a wide variety of games. That it is not at all as simple as some people make it, it's not just those ego-shooter games. There are strategy games of all kinds. Role playing games that follow a story. Economy simulators. Games like Minecraft that let you build creatively…

Something else I've noticed and started admire about games is that they are active. Watching TV or movies for an example, it's generally very passive. But games let you participate, challenge you, make you think and want to achieve things. I've thought similar thoughts about writing stories vs. Reading them. But yeah, I've started admiring games and gamers for those reasons.

A few years ago I've seen a amv with FinalFantasyVII footage, and I liked the visual design, didn't look farther into it though. Recently I've read something about the main character Cloud Strife, that made me very curious about the character development throughout the game. So soon I will finally take the last step towards diving into the gaming world, I'll go try gaming it myself.

I have been a nongamer for 20 years. This will now change. Yesterday I bought my very first game. Couldn't have picked a worse time to start gaming, but hey, I'll do it anyway!

So hey world of gaming, I'm coming. If I find it fun to do. there are already some games on the list to continue!


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